We are a bunch of bitter and ill-informed Hearts fans who decided to record our rants since we have been unable to meet at Tynecastle, or the pub, and argue with each other in person during COVID lockdown!

We do not claim to be experts at this, we are just regular guys, and if you are looking for a tame and well rounded podcast then this may not be the show for you. We argue and talk nonsense about the club we all love. If that sounds like your chat then give us a listen. If you’re looking for well rounded journalism then away and do one!

If you’re still reading then you are about to unlock a tasty piece of podcasting goodness!…..we promise.

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Superb watching bigots, tell other bigots, that they are bigots! “Singing about killing Catholics” “singing about the IRA” 🙃🙃🙃🙃 I knew this title would kill one of them, it’s been glorious to watch! Celtic fans haven’t a clue how to deal with not winning, it’s outstanding!

Not even going to lie. It’s truly wonderful to see all the daft wee lassies that a year ago were singing the Rebs, posting photos of them with pyro etx are now posting photos showing George Square lookin a mess hahahaha searching for Terry Munro has ruined their lives, superb!

I see Tommy Wright hasn’t won any of his matches in charge of Killie. Awaiting the cries for his immediate replacement from the MSM or at least the same noise Stendel got?

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