2020-21 Season Predictions

On episode 17 (29th September) the lads set out their predictions for the season ahead. To keep everyone honest this pages serves as the record of the nonsense we predicted.

Where will Hearts finish in the league?
Corbett 1st Correct – 5pts
Ando 1st Correct – 5pts
Tam 1st Correct – 5pts
Kev 1st Correct – 5pts
Shanks 2nd Fucked It – 0pts
Brads 1st – but just Correct – 5pts
Player of the season?
Corbett Jamie Walker TBC
Ando Peter Haring TBC
Tam Jamie Walker TBC
Kev Jordan Roberts TBC
Shanks Andy Irving TBC
Brads Jamie Walker TBC
Top Scorer
Corbett Jamie Walker Fucked It – 0pts
Ando Stevie Naismith Fucked It – 0pts
Tam Liam Boyce Correct – 5pts
Kev Jamie Walker Fucked It – 0pts
Shanks Stevie Naismith Fucked It – 0pts
Brads Jamie Walker Fucked It – 0pts
Best Signing?
Corbett Andy Halliday TBC
Ando Josh Ginnelly TBC
Tam Jordan Roberts TBC
Kev Jordan Roberts TBC
Shanks Craig Gordon TBC
Brads Josh Ginnelly TBC
Worst Signing?
Corbett Craig Wighton TBC
Ando Ross Stewart TBC
Tam Elliot Frear TBC
Kev Elliot Frear TBC
Shanks Mihai Popescu TBC
Brads Olly Lee TBC
How Many Trophies Will Hearts Win?
Corbett 3 Fucked It – 0pts
Ando 3 Fucked It – 0pts
Tam 4 Fucked It – 0pts
Kev 2 Fucked It – 0pts
Shanks 0 Fucked It – 0pts
Brads 1 Correct – 5pts
Manager At The End Of The Season?
Corbett Neilson Correct – 5pts
Ando Neilson Correct – 5pts
Tam Neilson Correct – 5pts
Kev Neilson Correct – 5pts
Shanks Jeffries Fucked It – 0pts
Brads Neilson Correct – 5pts
Brads 15 Pts
Tam 15 Pts
Ando 10 Pts
Corbett 10 Pts
Kev 10 Pts
Shanks 0 Pts