Fact of the Week

On Episode 14 we started a new feature where the show hosts will brazenly declare a what might be an utterly nonsense prediction to do with Hearts. This page serves as a reminder of some of the crap we speak and will be updated once our facts have been disproven.

  • 8th September (Tam) – Hearts will go unbeaten during the 2020-21 season (competitive matches only) – Dead – Tam’s prediction failed on Friday 20th November after Hearts were defeated by Dunfermline Athletic.
  • 15th September (Ando) – Liam Boyce will finish the season with the lowest GPG of any recognised forward player – Dead
  • 22nd September (Shanks) – Hearts will not start with the same first XI back to back in any of the opening 10 competitive matches – Completed Correct
  • 29th September (Kev) – Hearts will have the best goal for total and the smallest goals against total in the 2020-21 season – Completed Correct
  • 29th September (Rob Borthwick) – Robbie Neilson will have an unblemished record against Hibs in the 2020-21 season – Completed Correct
  • 6th October (Brads) – Wighton will score more goals than Naismith and Halkett to score more than both of them – Dead

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