Dear Ann Budge,

The role you played in saving our club from extinction was massive and your intervention in the dark days of Administration was timely and selfless. Your years in charge have seen welcome changes to the stadium, in particular the superior infrastructure, a boost to our involvement in the community and the introduction of a women’s team. All very positive for the club moving forward.

Unfortunately, the most important part of the club i.e., the men’s football team on the park has been much less positive. The failure to remove Craig Levein when the results were going against us led to the ignominy of relegation despite a valiant attempt to rescue the situation by Daniel Stendel. During Levein’s time it was obvious that the training methods or the failings of the medical department led to an unprecedented injury list and as far as I can see nothing meaningful was done to remedy this problem.

Our pride and joy, the Academy, has failed miserably to supply us with a stream of youngsters who can step up to the first team and make a difference. Most who did were no more than average. The scouting system must be called into question for this situation. The player recruitment over the last few years under various managers has been atrocious and the list of players on big contracts who failed to set the heather on fire is endless.

The appointment of Robbie Neilson as manager was welcomed by most but unfortunately has proven to be a disaster. It is clear that he does not have the support of the dressing room and after our cup exit, he certainly does not have the support of the fans.
It is now time that everyone involved in the management of the club needs to have a good long look at themselves and consider whether they should step aside and let someone else take the club back to the level we deserve to be at. That doesn’t just mean a return to the Premiership but back to a playing style that the fans can buy into and continue to support both in person and with our financial contributions.


A fan for well over half a century + VAT