Another week, another show. We did plan on releasing the Law and Order special as you may have seen on our socials but we’ve decided to save it for a rainy day. Instead we’re bringing you an hour of top Hearts chat covering all the latest news of the last week.

Ando is on Conundrums duty as well as giving us his usual ‘Stat of the Week’, Corbett goes to Motherwell on an ‘Away Day’ and Tam stares longingly into the eyes of his ‘Blind Date’. Brads makes a welcome return this week with his entry for the ‘This Is My Story Hall of Fame’ and Shanks has survived Portugal and gives us his ‘Fact of the Week’. He’s also got another ‘Teatime Teaser’ which we’ll throw up on the socials.

Kev couldn’t join us for this one, he’s old and he gets tired sometimes and needs a wee nap but don’t worry he’ll be back with us next week!

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