On the show tonight we discuss all the latest news on Hearts from across the last week plus most of the usual features.

‘Stat of the Week’ has been retired for a while so Ando has a go at a new feature called ‘QuizmaĆ«l Bouzid’. Kev is on conundrums duty and probably never will be again. Ando gives us a ‘Blind Date’ and Shanks puts forward his ‘Hall of Fame’ suggestion. We had big Brads back on this week and he gives us his season predictions which he missed last week and has a stab at ‘Fact of the Week’

You may have seen on Twitter that we had Tam watching the League Cup match against Inverness and providing live updates to the lads during the show. Since we record the show on a Tuesday this will be a new thing we run with whenever we record and there is a match on.

We also need to mention that because Kev lives in a crack den his broadband isn’t that great. You’ll hear a wee bit of distortion after about 13 minutes – we kept it in rather than cutting it because it sounds funny. If anyone would like to donate to get Kev some better broadband then you can reach out to us on the email and socials below.

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