We have another “sort of live” show for you on this episode. Well…it was live for us but it’s really from yesterday for all you out there in listener land. We had Champagne Shanks’ “sort of live” from Tynecastle brining us all the key news from the match vs that wee diddy team from Fife.

Ando is back with a winner this week in the new feature ‘Quizmael Bouzid’ – he also brings us his nomination for the This Is My Story ‘Hall of Fame’ – voting is now open click here to cast your vote for first inductee. Tam brings us a ‘Blind Date’ and we mix up the ‘Conundrums’ between all the hosts this week. Since Hearts won Corbett doesn’t have to do his ‘Fact of the Week’ until he gets raging about something…probably next week.

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