On tonight’s show we chew over the action, or lack of, from the match vs Arbroath last Friday, look forward to the semi vs The Cabbage and bring you the results of the inaugural ‘Hall of Fame’ vote we’ve been running for the last few weeks.

We have all of the usual features but we need tell you now before you listen that Kev’s broadband is an absolute abomination and it brought the show to a screeching halt on more than one occasion. Normally we would cut all that but we’ve left some of it in because it’s a laugh and the public shaming may force him into upgrading!

Ando is back another instalment of ‘Quizmael Bouzid’ – record breaking because we make it up to a 4th question for the first time! Tam gives is his ‘Blind Date’, Corbett is on ‘Conundrums’ duty again this week, Kev talks about his top 5 semi-finals and Shanks gives us the latest ‘Teatime Teaser’

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