Your favourite pod is back with some goodness as a wee early Christmas present for you all. That said, it’s maybe a pish present since we spend most of this one chewing over the absolute kick in the fud that was the Scottish Cup final against the vermin from Glasgow.

It’s back to a foursome this week with Brads busy being a dad and Shanks still out on the sesh from Sunday but at least you have Ando bringing you another good effort at ‘Quizmael Bouzid’. Tam is on ‘Conundrums’ this week – don’t hold your breath for them not being crap! Kev fills in for Shanks on the ‘Teatime Teaser’ duties.

We tried to keep this one as light hearted as we can so there’s a good few laughs in it and a wee bit of therapy for Ando to make his less of a bitter b@stard over the festive week.

We’d also like to take the opportunity to thank each and everyone of you who listens every week for all your support so far. We honestly never thought we’d see the show grow as much as it has and that’s all thanks to you guys.

From everyone on the pod we wish you and your families all the very best and have a great Christmas!

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Episode 30 - Put Yer Laces Through It