We’re back in your ears this week to give you a healthy dose of Hearts patter and lift you back up after the disappointment of the result away to Dundee at the weekend.

We cover all the latest headlines surrounding Hearts and touch very briefly on a few other bits and bobs in Scottish football. We have a couple of the usual features for you. Ando is on ‘Conundrums’ duty and Kev takes over on the new format quiz this week. Shanks has sacked off the ‘Teatime Teaser’ to Kev. Now I’ll warn you now that Kev’s attempt is shocking! So much so that is you would like to reach out Kev on Twitter and give him some healthy abuse then you’ll find the details below.

Tam’s audio is a bit iffy on this one and I’ve tried everything I can to get him to talk into the mic like a big boy but still he fails each and every week. Feel free to reach out and give him an equal amount of abuse. Maybe then he’ll listen.

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