Another week, another show. We’re back to review all the latest goings on up Gorgie way. We have big Rab our Dunfermline pal back on this week since we played them at the weekend. We’ve shaken things up a wee bit this week with some new features too.

Ando brings us another ‘Deividas Quiznauskis’ and also has a challenge for Rab called ‘Dunfermline or Raith’, Shanks has a new one called ‘If anyone can Shanks McCann can’ – bit of a mouthful but you’ll hear all about it. Corbett brings the question this week for ‘Pat Stanton’, Tam has a new one called ‘You’ll Know Us By Our Noise’ and Kev has a go at a new weekly bit called ‘Away Up In Gorgie’

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