We’re back again with some podcasting goodness for you! We had the absolute pleasure to be joined by Ewan Murray – the jewel in the crown of The Guardian journalists!

Ewan joined us to talk over all the latest news on Hearts and discuss some recent topics around Scottish football in general. We have all the usual nonsense for you as always. Tam has a go at ‘Deividas Quiznauskis’ and absolutely wrecks it!, Ando gives us a bit of his ‘You’ll Know Us By Our Noise’ commentary for this week – the melt didn’t realise he had to do three, Kev takes on a trip of one his ‘Away Day’ football venues and Brads takes us to one of his favourite venues ‘Away Up In Gorgie’ Shanks didn’t make the pod tonight due to work commitments but we’re hopefully he’ll get his arse in gear and be back for next week.

There’s no YouTube video this week guys. We were a bit rushed for time given Corbett and Ando were on the Big Hearts ‘Talk O’The Toun’ call immediately before recording and we simply didn’t have the time to set everything up. You’ll be able to see our beautiful faces again next week.

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