What an episode we have this week! We had the honour and privilege to be joined by Jamie Walker for this one. We spoke to Jamie about the current season, growing up as a Hearts fan and loads of other things. We also put our Soccer AM style quick fire questions to him.

Jamie could only join us for just over an hour so we’ve split the show up into different sections as we still bring you all of the usual features and nonsense.

You may also see we have launched our new branding! We have a new intro tune which you’ll have heard by the time you read this. We’d love to hear your feedback on the new look – especially for those watching on YouTube.

As far as the usual features go we have ‘Deividas Quiznauskis’ with Ando. Corbett covers the weeks headlines and gives us his ‘Away Up In Gorgie’ venue. We also have a brief preview of the match vs Dundee on the weekend coming.

We did have a wee issue with the sound towards the end of the chat with Jamie as his AirPods ran out of charge so he sounds a bit muffled. Just one of those things but we’ve tried to repair it as much as possible.


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