We’re back! It’s been a quiet few weeks which is why you haven’t heard from us. We thought we should try bring you a wee dose of goodness in amidst the boredom of the close season.

Ando, Corbett, Tam and Kev are here for this one – we don’t have any features for you but we have a wee chat about our favourite parts of the season and our favourite parts of the podcast. Going forward we’ll probably be down to one pod a fortnight because lets face it there isn’t much to talk about.

There’s no YouTube for this one because Ando was down in Oxford with his shite laptop which can’t handle the video so this one will be an audio only pod. We should also say that we have a moan about the lack of comms coming our of Tynecastle because we recorded this on Wednesday night (the night before Budge released her latest statement).

Not the usual kind of show you’re used to but we hope you enjoy it all the same!

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